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Hard Work Pays Off

Here is the buck that I took at 8:15 AM on opening day.  What I learned from this hunt is that preparation is key.  I worked with a guy who know these woods like the back of his hand.  His help was extremely valuable in my success.  He suggested an area that I hunt in.  I also asked the opinion of a guy who I respect as an experienced hunter who knows his stuff.  He helped me fine tune the selection.  Then I worked with my buddy on camera’s and scouting missions into the area to get an understanding of what was around and where it moved.

I learned even more watching the deer patterns in the first couple of hours in my stand and developed ideas of how I can make this spot even better for next year.

As for the hunt, conditions were tough.  37 degrees at sun up, light rain and winds blowing at 20 MPH.  However, the winds were right in my face blowing my scent to an area that I couldn’t monitor and my research said the deer would not come from.  The wind also helped to cover up any noise or movement I might have made.  I also liked it because I couldn’t hear every little freak’in squirrel and bird that wanted to make noise.

My spot sits on the edge of the woods with a row of planted pines 30 feet off the wood line.  The deer would come up out of the woods on a trial about 20 yards from my stand.  They would come out into the opening and either move down between the pines and the wood line or go past the pines into a food plot at the top of the hill.

This guy came to the edge of the woods but did not come out.  He moved toward me just inside the woods with brush between us.  Since I was using my slug gun I figured I could shoot through the light brush.  As he turned to head back into the woods I took him.

I have not scored him yet.  He is nice and tall as you can see.  It was good to have the pressure part of the hunt over early and relax the rest of the weekend helping others in my camp try to score as well.  Thanks to the guys that helped with my success!!

Here he is on camera.

Here he is on camera.

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  • Mike

    Great story Doc! You worked very hard for this buck and deserve all of the credit. I also believe working together is a recipe for success. I think hunting says a lot about an individual. When the conditions are tough the tough hang in there. Congrats on a beauty

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