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Do Camera’s Bother the Deer

We have had a lot of debate in our camp as to whether an infrared camera will bother a deer.  I am posting this short video of a big bucks reaction to my camera.  He is working a scrape that is about 7 yards from where the camera is hanging.  The camera is about 8 feet in the air.  He obviously sees it.  The still shot taken after the video stops does not show the deer.


I am using a Moultrie 5.0 camera.  It does make a click when a picture is taken and it does glow red when the infrared is on.  I am sure that the deer hear it and see the light at night.

That being said, check out the picture of the small buck checking out the camera.  He doesn’t seem to be bothered by the camera at all.

In the end, I think the camera does more good than bad as it does not scare the bucks away for good.  It might just bother them for that second.

1 comment to Do Camera’s Bother the Deer

  • Mike

    We love the Moultrie 5.0. The best feature is the battery life, 3 months without a change. Some bucks like the one in the video seem to be a little nervous. Human sent can contribute to nervousness so be careful not to touch with out gloves. The click sometimes causes a little curiosity. I have never seen any animal come in and run when the camera goes off. Our hunting success was greatly contributed to the use of cameras. Mike

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