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Big Wisconsin Buck Story

Sorry it has been a while since I last posted.  We had a death in the family and then Christmas that pulled me away.  But I am back so stay tuned for more great hunting stories.

The following is the story of Mitch Lundquists hunt this year in Wisconsin.  He bagged a beauty.  Here is the story in his words:

What a buck!  I was fortunate enough to take this dandy while hunting in Buffalo County, WI on the second day of the gun season.  Earlier in the morning, my friend Pat Chapman and I decided to take a break from our stands for awhile and come up with a new game plan.  Around 11:30am, we decided to both sit by a large tree on the edge of a shallow ravine.  There weren’t many deer moving up to this point so we figured with lunch time coming up, people would start heading in and this may stir things up a bit.  Pat was facing up the hill and I was facing down into the draw.  At about 12:15, I noticed a deer coming towards us, about a hundred yards away.  Luckily, there wasn’t any wind at this time.  As the deer approached, I whispered to Pat, “Don’t move, don’t move” while he was standing behind the tree texting in his Fantasy Football picks.  The deer went down into a low area and this allowed me to get my gun up and the safety off.  When it came back up, it popped out of a little cluster of trees about 40 yards away.  This was when I first saw his rack, the left side.  My first shot hit him in the side, behind the shoulder and little bit low.  Amazingly, he then ran straight towards us and stopped at 5 yards.  At this time, it was obvious just what size of deer he was.  I hit him again in the shoulder area and all he did was shudder, turn and ran slowly about 20 yards.  He then dropped to the ground, and his head went down.  At this time we were both pretty excited, it the biggest deer I had ever taken.  A moment later, he actually got up and began walking slowly away.  Pat yelled “Hit him again, hit’em again” but in the all the excitement, I had managed to jam my gun.  Luckily, Pat backed me up and put one more in him that put him down for good.

It was a great day in the woods and what made it even more memorable was to have someone there with me to witness it.  Thanks to Pat for all of his help.

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