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Deer Dodges Arrow

There is a lot to be said about being as stealthy as possible when hunting deer.  Especially when using a bow.  It is hard enough to draw back on the deer and remain un-noticed.  Keep in mind that you don’t want to shoot at them when you have their attention.  Watch the doe in this video.  She actually sees the arrow coming at her and ducks out of the way.  If your target is staring you down after you have drawn back, wait until they relax for that split second before firing.


2 comments to Deer Dodges Arrow

  • Justin Melton

    This happened to me last weekend! Deer really will drop down when you release your arrow if there attention is focused on the blob of camo in a tree. I released my arrow and what seemed to be a good shot apon the release quickly became a high shot. It was really frustating to watch my arrow fly over my targets back, but everything happens for a reason because the following day I put my first deer on the ground with a bow. I guess everything happens for a reason! Though not a monster buck like everyone dreams of, but he was a large cow horn spike that I was happy to cull from the herd. On top of that I sank a difficult 35 yard shot that has built my confidence like no other.

  • We had a guy put an arrow in his first bow buck a couple of weeks ago. Couldn’t find the deer. Followed the blood until it went dry. We figure he must have hit it high above the vitals and below the spine. Probably a result of it ducking when it heard the bow.

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