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My First Big Buck

The following is the story of a friend of mine named Kirby.  Great guy who loves hunting camp but could take or leave the hunting part.  Those are always the guys who end up shooting the big bucks.  Anyway, here is Kirby’s story of the biggest buck he has ever shot as told in his words.


There are 5 guys in our hunting party working the bluffs of Buffalo County, WI.  3 of the guys are heads down real serious hunters.  One of the guys is the land owner and is there to make sure his buddies have a successful hunt.  I am there just to hang with the boys for a fun weekend in camp.  Since everyone knows I like to cook, I have been appointed head chief in camp making sure everyone gets fed.  The hunting part is just a bonus for me.

We have been hunting all weekend and only have one buck down.  We decide to do a little controlled milling putting the 3 serious guys in stands.  Mike and I are going to do the milling.  Once the boys are in place Mike and I start to head out.  As we head into the woods Mike hands me his 270 and tells me to sit in a stand.  He believes that this spot is the back door the deer will sneak out while he is milling so he wants someone there.

A few weeks before the hunt I broke by wrist in 3 places and could not really hold a gun and pull the trigger.  I also am not familiar with Mike’s 270 so that makes me nervous as well.  None of that matters to Mike.  He tells me just to sit and make sure nothing gets out the back door.  So I climbed up into the tree stand and figured I could get a little nap!

It’s now an hour later.  I have had a brief nap and solved all the world problems in my head when all of a sudden I see 2 huge bucks and a doe heading towards me at about 150 yards.  I raise my gun and place it on the gun rest built into the stand and follow the first buck in the cross hairs of my scope.  They get closer, now around 100 yards away, my heart rate increased and I could see the huge rack on both bucks.  Do I shoot, or wait until they get closer.  Just then the doe and the last farther of the two bucks see me and start to turn.  The closer buck had his head down and I was focused on him.  As the other 2 deer turned to head away I placed my finger on the trigger.  Keep in mind that with my wrist I couldn’t grab the gun.  I could only put my finger on the trigger.  I used my left hand to keep the gun firmly pushed up against my shoulder resting on the bar of steel in front of me.  I could not grip the rifle with my wrist being the way it was.

I fire….and he turns, so I fire again and he drops.  I am very excited but I did not want to leave my stand until I spotted my brother in law coming through the forest.  So I wait….and wait….and an hour goes by.  Just then I see two doe running towards my stand.  Again I have the cross hairs of my scope on the biggest one.  They come running right up to my stand, just about 20 feet from me…  Should I shoot, or not, do I, or don’t I….  I pull the trigger and “CLICK”, no bang.  I later learned that Mike only put two shells in the gun.  When I asked him why only 2 shells, he said “if it takes more than that you don’t belong in the woods.”

Anyway, Mike and the rest of the crew came to my stand and we walked over to the fresh kill.  I had bagged a 10 point buck and I was one happy camper.  One of the best times of my life…

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