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I am Back

Sorry for the long break without writing.  Since I am just a whitetail hunter, the stories and experiences slow down a little in the summer months.  Then I have to remember to write.  So now I am back and ready to go.

Last year I became the Buckmaster in my group for the third time.  First 3 timer ever.  I have been very lucky in my hunts over the years.

When I accepted my Buckmaster title this past year, I told my hunting group that I was done hunting with a gun and was taking up bow hunting.  So this year I will be hunting strictly with a bow.

I purchased a Mission Eliminator bow this year.  I had read that the bow was made by Matthews and was one of the best values on the market today.  I purchased it from Schaffer Performance Archery in Eagan, MN.  They did a great job explaining the bow to me, letting me shoot several different bows and setting up my rig for me as well.

I have been amazed at just how accurate these bows are.  Of course it all has to do with the setup and the instructions I got at Schaffer.  However, I am shooting 3 inch groups at 20, 30 and 40 yards.  I was told that they key to success is to shoot at least a couple of times per week which I have been doing for the most part.  I am extremely confident in my gear.

I have been hunting with it on 3 occasions now.  First time out I saw nothing but practiced moving about the stand and drawing the bow.  I can see where if you have not practiced your movement in the stand, it would be easy to get busted by Mr. Big Buck when he came walking in.  A bow is a big piece of gear that draws a lot of attention.

The next hunt I had 3 doe come through but they were behind me where I didn’t have a shot.  My primary area was out in front where I have a trail feeding out to a field.  Here is a picture from a camera set up on a tree right next to my stand.  It looks out into the field.

I have since cleared some shooting lanes for the trail that runs behind me.  I have not hunted the stand since doing that a couple of weeks ago.  I will go back to that spot next weekend and see what happens.

Finally I hunted yesterday and had a doe and 2 fawns come in.  I got busted when hooking on to my string.  Although she wasn’t fully alerted, she new she didn’t like what she saw and moved out slowly never to return.

We have developed many good stands and have many monsters on camera.  Here is an example one:

Enough for this post.  More stories and pictures to come as I document my new bow adventures.

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