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Deer Don’t Like Eye Contact

I spent this weekend hunting the mornings and evenings.  I sat in a new stand that I put up in the area where I shot my big buck last year.  There is an apple tree there that the deer are interested in.  My stand is about 20 yards from that tree.

The weather was mild with no wind.  Even though there was no wind, I still used a little powder to see where my scent was drifting.  I saw that it was drifting in front of me just in front of the apple tree.  This was ok since the deer come from behind me to the tree and then out into a field.  If a deer showed up, I would have 2 great shots at it prior to it picking up my scent.

Once the farmer stopped cutting the hey in the field next to our farm, things got real quiet.  The stand is perfect in that it is set up right above a small ditch that the deer cross while on the trail to the apple tree.  They make a lot of noise crossing the ditch which gives me time to set up on them.  I like this set up because I have learned that moving my bow around in order to shoot is very distracting to the deer and they don’t hang around.

At about 6pm I heard my first crash of a deer through the ditch.  I was at “DEFCON 3″ with my bow locked and loaded and in front of me ready to draw if it was a nice deer.  Turns out it was a small forked buck with a huge body.  Not a deer I was going to shoot.  However, it was real cool to be about 15 yards away from him as he walked the trail with his nose to the ground taking in big sniffs looking for a little food.  I was real interested in what would happen when he got to where I thought my scent was drifting.

Sure enough, just as he passed the apple tree his head popped up.  He looked left quickly and then right towards me.  Next thing I knew he was staring right at me.  I closed my eyes real quick in order not to make direct eye contact with him as I knew this spooked deer.  I waited about 15 seconds and then opened my eyes just a bit to see him still locked in on me.  I am sure the scent was the major issue here even though I am in full scent lock and sprayed down with cover.  There is always something on a person that gives off a smell that the deer don’t like.

When I have a deer in my area that I don’t want to shoot and I am confident that it is not traveling with another possible shooter, I like to experiment.  I decided that this time I would see if the eyes matter so I opened my eyes slowly and stared right back at him.  In less than a second after I opened my eyes, he turned and bolted.  I guess the eye contact thing is bad.

I saw nothing the rest of the weekend except a bunch of doe.  No big bucks were to be seen as of yet.  The person who rents some crop land on the farm cut his corn this weekend.  I sat in a stand we have off of one of the fields and watched the doe pile in.  It will be interesting to see if the bucks follow them when it comes time for the rut.

Checked a few cameras.  Here is a picture of a nice buck I have on camera. I hope to see him during the day sometime soon.

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