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Poor Performance but Optimistic

So last weekend I think I did just about everything wrong that I could.  I had only one day to hunt and I think I must have lost my mind.

Friday night before going out the weather was crap.  Raining and windy, I listened to one of the guys in my group and decided to sit in a nice comfy enclosed stand, with 2 nice chairs and a table along with carpeting, a home a way from home.  I knew there was a scrape close to the stand so I figured I was doing the right thing to stay dry and hunt a scrape.

I got in the stand plenty early.  When the sun came up I put the old range finder on the scrape and saw that it was 52 yards away.  Mistake number 1, sit in a gun stand with your bow.  My only chance now was to hope something came into the food plot.  Mistake number 2, not moving to another stand where I have a better chance.

After about 2.5 hours of sitting in the stand and seeing nothing I needed to take a leak.  I got out of the stand and for whatever reason I decided to leave my bow behind (mistake number 3).  I walked about 50 yards from the stand and relieved myself.  On the walk back to the stand I saw the big monster buck walking the hillside right above me.  He sure did look nice.  Now he was probably 40 yards up the hill and on the move.  It would have been a tough shot.  I just would have liked to have had the opportunity.  Here is the deer I think I saw.

I saw nothing else that morning.

The afternoon hunt found me in my normal stand.  The problem, I am sitting in a 20 mph wind that is blowing in the wrong direction.  I think I should move to my buddies stand that is wind favorable.  However, I hadn’t asked if I could sit in his stand so I decide to just stay put (mistake number 4).  I saw nothing for 4 hours.  I did have fun just blowing in the wind for that whole time.

I had to walk right past the stand that I wanted to move to. I first noticed that the wind was hardly blowing down in the valley.  As I come around the corner on the trail, I see a big deer standing on the trail right under the stand.  Don’t know what it was but it looked big as it ran away.  Point is I could have been sitting in a much less windy stand that actually had deer by it.

So the lesson, know the stand you are moving into, always have your weapon with you and when your gut is telling you you are in the wrong spot, move.

Heading out today, Wednesday to hunt for the rest of the week.  The rut is on in our MN property and I have personally seen 2 big deer.  We have been on the WI property this whole time so MN has not been stirred up.  I promise to hunt smarter this week.

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