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Hunting Results (or lack there of)

Well I have spent a lot of time in the woods since the last post.  Not a lot of action.  Last Saturday I was in the woods all day long.  Figured the rut was on.  I was in a prime stand located between a bedding area and food.  Got to the stand early.  Stayed in it all day without leaving.  Even peed in a bottle to keep my scent contained.  The results were 15 squirrels and no deer.

I decided not to stay in the cabin Saturday night.  Went over to our other farm in Minnesota only to find it dark with no hunting buddies.  My choice was to sit in a cold cabin with no computer, TV or any other form of entertainment or go home and watch the Packers play the Cowboys on Sunday.  I decided to go home.

I understand that a couple of the boys showed up Sunday morning for a hunt.  I haven’t heard the whole story yet but one of our guys is having a worse hunt than me.  It started when he shot a deer with a bow early in the season.  After 2 days of looking, no deer.  Then he shot another deer during the gun hunt.  Hit it in the shoulder but didn’t kill it.  But then came the worst.  We had a large 10 pointer on camera.  As the story goes my buddy had it come out in front of him.  He took aim and pulled the trigger only to blow the rack off the deer.  The only damage to the deer was the loss of a set of horns and a loud ringing in his ears.  I hope to get pictures soon.

I have spent a total of 16 days in the woods.  Seen plenty of deer and stand by my claim that I love the bow hunting experience.  Being as close to the animals as I have as been great.  However, not pulling the bow back on a single animal has been disappointing.  The weather has been too warm.  The doe are all sitting down in the cool pine trees and I imagine the bucks are finding all the action they need without much of a chase.

Some of the boys have had good luck though.  Check out some of the results.

I haven’t given up yet.  Will take a couple of weeks off as the farm is being hunted with rifles this weekend.  No place for a bow hunter.  I will pick it up after Thanksgiving.  If you have any ideas on how to best hunt with a bow late season, let me know.

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