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2010 Bow Season is Upon Us

My first year dedicated to bow hunting was interesting but unproductive.  I would chalk it up to over preparing.  We spent almost every other weekend in the woods checking and moving cameras as well as positioning stands and putting out different attractants.  All the activity in the woods did nothing but alert the deer to our presence and send them nocturnal.  I hardly saw a deer on our main property.  Funny thing was that we hunted two farms but spent the majority of our time on just one property.  Where do you think I saw most of our deer last year?  It was on the farm we stayed away from.

This year we took a different approach.  First we are hunting only one farm allowing us to be more focused.  Second, we started all of our scouting activities in March after the snow was gone.  We found all of the trails and sheds that gave us a good indication of what we had for deer.  We put out our cameras once and didn’t check them until we pulled them a couple of weeks ago.  We have not spent anytime in the woods in order to keep our stands as fresh as possible.  One trip out there in late August just to make sure that the shooting lanes were not obstructed and the stands were all safe.

The other thing we are doing different is hunting with a purpose.  We have some very nice deer on the farm that we are focusing our attention on.  This bad boy showed up on camera and we have decided that we would do best to hunt together to try to bring him in.  We have had him on camera for a few years now but have not seen him during the hunting season.  We estimate that he is 5 1/2 years old and that he is at is peak in terms of health and rack quality right now.

We feel that we have a fix on his location and how he moves.  We have set up stands in favorable locations based on the movement and will set up our guys so that we have the best odds of bringing him down.  As much as I would like to shoot this buck this year, I would be happy to see someone in our party bring him down.

Of course there are other nice deer on the farm that would make me very happy as well.  Here is another fine example of a shooter.

I am excited to get out there in the next couple of weeks.  I have been shooting my bow on a fairly regular basis and feel confident in the equipment.  I have been working out pretty regular so as to be ready for the long walks to the stands in some pretty rough terrain.  I will be pulling out all the clothing and getting it washed and scent free.  Then just one final inventory, a trip to the store to pick up any last minute needs and be ready to go.  Can’t wait!!

I will keep you posted.

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