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Field Edges

Looks like the bucks are working the field edges.  This Saturday’s camera check found this guy.  The camera is set up inside the edge of a corn field.  We walked the field and found several does that ran back into the woods on trails where this camera is set  up.  The rut will change these patterns to some degree but setting up some stands on the field edges is always a good idea.

Big Boy on Field Edge

Big Boy on Field Edge

9 comments to Field Edges

  • sam

    Pretty deer I would say that is a 3 1/2 with the mass. This is the one you want to see when he is 5 1/2. I see you have gone into the woods for pics. Sam

  • Mike G

    I took this picture with my i40, This buck is headed for the beading area just a head of him. This camera yielded 65 pics. some squirrels. Not only did I get a nice shot of this guy I discovered the other route in the distance. You could see the eyes at night in the background turning off the trail and heading in a different direction. I am gong to move this camera back next time out. Mike G

  • Buddy

    Whats an i40? Is this infrared? Do you have anymore pictures of the bigger buck on the earlier picture. We hunt in Northern Iowa. A lot of the same down here. What are your best food plots. Mine are my mothers hostas I planted out in the field, only problem is they love them so much that you have to fence in the summer. B

  • Mike G

    Buddy, I get back to you on the make of the camera. I bought it at Gander Mountain for $200.00 plus tax. I have a 1 gig card in it and it will take up to 450 pictures with decent quality. I have 5 out right now. My buddy who helps me with this says it’s like opening Christmas presents because you never know what you will get. This last buck was a surprise. I found a trail deep in the woods and it had buck written all over it. I have had deer come up to this and let the camera take 10 pictures of them. This does not bother them. The infrared feature is a plus. I get some more on the ugly buck out. he is really not to bad if you back up a bit. Must be in the 160s. HOSTAS I am going to try that! I have deer in my yard at home and that is all they eat. Mike G

  • Mike G

    Thanks Sparky, I hope you guys got that. I have moved all of the cameras deeper in the woods I will check everything on Saturday and post the new findings. The bucks are making scrapes, probably smaller deer. We should start seeing more this week. I found some more rubs in the woods. After this week I am going to set up on scrape lines and maybe even make a mock scrape in the big bucks area. Acorns are the hot food source right now. I have a camera setup on some white oak trees. Last look lots of pics, no bucks worth the blog.
    Mike G

  • Tina

    Hello boys,
    Why don’t you post a picture of your self so we can see who we are dealing with. Is this just a Mans game or do you let the girls play. T

  • HI Tina,

    Give me your email and info and I will send you to our site to meet us. I am happy to post some photos of us. There is no gender bias. We like to hear and see what all have to offer.


  • mike g

    Are you a hunter? I see a lot more women hunting and fishing. Look a Sarah Palin. The new TV hunting series have a lot of women hunters. Personally I would much rather watch the gals hunt than the same ol” country boys from Mississippi. Thank you for chiming in.
    Mike G

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